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Internet Tax Planning – Saving Taxes with the Cloud

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Saving taxes with the cloud-based business requires innovative tax planning,

Internet tax planning provides fantastic tax savings. 

The Internet-based business decides which country or state has the best tax advantage.  Saving taxes is easier than ever.  You will learn how to save taxes on this blog.

International e-commerce tax planning starts with placing your computer server in a low tax or no tax jurisdiction.  Web-based business tax planning provides big state and federal tax savings. 

To learn how big international companies are using the internet to legitimately avoid taxes, please view the California Society of CPAs 40 minutes seminar on this link or listen below on my blog Tax Talk radio show.  You can also download the show as a podcast from iTunes.    

Don’t miss out on our new e-commerce tax planning book.  Learn more on this link.
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U.K. Entices American Business with a New 17% Tax Rate

Saving taxes, United Kingdom claims U.S. LLC is a tax haven company.

Saving taxes with international tax planning  in the UK

Recently the UK tax Authority stated: “The ‘Business tax road map’ published at Budget 2016 set out the government’s plans for business taxes to 2020 and beyond. We are cutting corporation tax to 17% in 2020, supporting investment and ensuring the UK has by far the lowest rate in the G20.”  

Currently the tax rate is 20%.  The U.S. is 35% to 39% for small business.   Of course, if you are like me living in California, the marginal rate is 51% to 56%.
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