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The first episode is the new IRS designer trust… designed by the IRS to screw your state out of state income taxes.  California tax planners and New York tax planners can use this new Nevada self-directed trust to save state income taxes.

Next, Protecting yourself from the IRS’s Big Brother Supercomputer exposes the IRS “financial DNA” of each of us stored in its new Big Data computer.

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Protecting Yourself from the New IRS Big Brother SuperComputer & Its “Artificial Intelligence”

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IRS spying includes license plate recognition. Stores, tolls, hotels and any other place that has a surveillance camera has been added to IRS Big Data Supercomputer.
Learn how to protect yourself with this episode of Tax Talk.

The Internal Revenue Service is using and storing license-plate recognition on its new Supercomputer and cell phone tracking (a new stealth program called “Stingray”).

The website of “TLOxp” is on the left.  I just had a demonstration and it is really Big Brother.  Tolls and parking lots (with a camera) feed pictures of your license plate into this computer. 

The Government uses Stingray to trick your cell phone to ping off a device other than a cell phone tower.  This technology can record numbers for a phone’s incoming and outgoing calls.

Then, the IRS supercomputer can cross-reference this information with your cell phone records, your Facebook postings and Instagram’s.

Bloomberg News reported that the IRS and other government agencies have been collecting this data since 2012 when the IRS installed its Supercomputer.

The IRS Robot is farming eBay, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Yelp, and all social media. It saves your Internet searches.  In some cases, the robot saves your emails.  

 It has access to every social media posting going back to 2008.  Deleting your posts does not make them go away. They are stored up to six years on this Big Data Supercomputer (six years is the maximum period for a tax audit).

 The IRS has bragged that their computer can make DNA blueprint of each of our behavior.

The IRS  Supercomputer reads all 200 million e-Filed returns in just ten hours.   

Learn how to protect yourself and how to “game” the IRS robot auditor with this episode of Tax Talk. 

Saving Taxes by Beating the IRS Big Brother Computer & its Big Data

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The IRS super robot is fast and smart. It can read every e-filed tax return in less than one day.

The IRS is bragging about its new supercomputer and its big data. The IRS is bragging that they have the financial DNA of every taxpayer, 

Saving taxes by eliminating your audit risk is now easier than ever by gaming the IRS supercomputer is easier than ever.

The best small business tax plans are distributing the businesses over more than one return.  For example, there is a new type of trust that can own an S-corporation that reports the tax due but does not give the IRS any information as to income or expense.  This trust is called an ESBT trust.  The tax return also gives little information as to the true owner.

My software crawled through IRS.gov to learn how to become stealth to this supercomputer with its big data.   I will explain the big data below (and you are not going to like it).

The IRS Robot is scanning eBay, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Yelp and all social media, your internet searches and in some cases your emails to create what the IRS calls your DNA financial footprint.

It has access to every social media posting going back to 2008. Deleting your posts does not make them go away.  The IRS computer keeps the old version. The new Federal Big Data Services Hub opened October 1, 2013. It shares with other agencies a variety of personal taxpayer information including health records, tax and financial information and criminal background status.

How Powerful is the IRS Supercomputer?  It can read all 200 million e-Filed returns in just ten hours. The IRS has bragged that their computer can make DNA blueprint of each of our behavior. In this of by radio show, Tax Talk,  you will learn how and what to do.

The power and capacity of this supercomputer bring Big Brother to all of us. It has more than 6 billion pages of personal data on of us (an average of 3,000 pages per taxpayer). Learn how to “game” this supercomputer with the podcast of my radio show, below.