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E-commerce and Mobile Commerce International Tax Planning for the Small Business

E-commerce and Mobile Commerce International Tax Planning  exists because our international tax laws were written by a man born in the 1860’s.  This is not a typo.  He grew up in the world of Pony Express and steamship commerce.

In the 1930’s he became the Chairman of the Congressional Tax Committee.  His view of commerce was the late 1800’s.  Congress has never changed our international tax laws.

These tax laws work just fine in the industrial age but  now these ancients laws create legitimate loopholes for e-commerce and cloud based businesses.

E-commerce and Mobile Commerce International Tax Planning for the Internet of Things.

We are in the age of “internet of things,” 

The  industrial age tax laws provide many unique tax savings for the e-commerce business, the contract manufacturing business, and the internet marketing business.

My easy to read book, International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur, provides the tried and true blueprint for saving taxes for today’s E-commerce businesses.  I have the first three  chapters on this link.

The first three chapters are easy to read but are hard to believe.  I mean, is it really possible that Congress has done nothing about international tax laws since the Great Depression in the 1930s?

And there is more unbelievable events.  The designer of the tax law was born just after the Civil War.  His father served in the Confederate Army.   His parents named him after Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

And there is more.   The writer of our international tax law had only a high school education.  To him, text messaging was the telegraph.

So, get the first 25 pages, for free, of my popular book on international tax planning with an emphasis on e-commerce and cloud based products on this link.

Or buy the book at Amazon for $9.50, on this link.   By the way, Amazon has a seven day return policy.  So, if you don’t like the book, just send it back (which is easy to do as a Kindle book0

Now, if you want to take your international tax planning to the next lever, then contact me, Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT  at [email protected]

This link has another blog in saving taxes in the e-Commerce and virtual computer world.


Digital Economy Tax Planning is Fantastic


Ancient industrial tax laws are all the IRS has to tax the world of the “Internet of things.”  E-commerce and other internet marketing businesses have unique tax savings   opportunities.

The Industrial Age tax laws (from last century) are the only tax laws that apply to the cloud and e-commerce economy.

This allows fantastic tax savings for the digital economy business.

For Example– Last century, consumers wanted to own things.  I purchase VHS and then a DVD player for my favorite movies.  I got the James Bond DVD set.  But really, it sits in a box.  It is easier to watch movies on Netflix streaming.  

Take music. It is just easier to stream versus buy a DVD or even an MP3 file.

Digital tax planning strategies include:
1.  Avoiding sales tax (and outside the U.S., VAT tax) by organizing in sales tax-free state such as Oregon or sell intangible products (such as a mp3 file) versus tangible (a DVD.
2.  Avoiding state income taxes by organizing a trust in Nevada.
3.  Avoiding federal income taxes by organizing your corporation in a tax haven country such as the Isle of Man or Canada.

This blog will look at the American sales tax.  If you are looking for income tax strategies, then get my easy two hours read my book, International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur.  It is only $9.50 at Amazon on this link.

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International Tax Strategies for Internet Marketing and E-commerce

Hard for me to believe that I gave this lecture to the CPA Society five years ago. So, much has changed except for the tax law.

Tax planning for internet marketers, e-commerce small business and app applications continues to be popular.  Thousands of small business are saving taxes by using the strategies in this free video.

Some legitimately avoid state income taxes.  Other avoid both state and U.S. income taxes.

Here is what’s happened. In the 1930’s the U.S. teamed up with the world to create international tax laws. These ancient tax laws are the backbone of every country’s tax treaty and tax law. They are not changing anytime soon.  These tax laws are fine for the industrial age.  On the other hand, internet based business are immune from these laws.

For example. Did you know that placing your computer server in a foreign country can convert your U.S. income to foreign income?

If you have forty minutes, please spend it with me and my video. I speak in plain English without much tax jargon.