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Best International Tax Book for Small Business and E-commerce

Here is the problem.  Tax jargon and a massive 1,000,000 pages of tax law makes learning the fundamentals of international taxation almost impossible.  The best International Tax Book for small business and e-commerce be written with little or almost no jargon. 

You are running your business and you are very very busy.  I get it!   My book is an easy two hour read and also an audiobook.  And there is more.   Amazon has a Kindle & audiobook combo. 

With my book, you will quickly learn tried and true international tax plans. The book provides the blueprint for successful international tax planning for the privately owned business.

This combo will read itself (with a voice of a professional voice over artist) whenever you want to take a break and just listen.  Learning offshore and foreign taxation has never been easier.

Click here to jump to Amazon.  International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur has the most  customer reviews of any offshore tax book.

Here is more about my book.

Best International Tax Book for Small Business and E-commerce for the Fundamentals of International Tax

You may have read about Google or Apple’s international tax strategies. As clever as they are, they strategies only work for publically traded corporations. These corporations have different tax laws than the private owned business.

My book is written for the privately owned business. The book is an easy two our read.

If you would like to discuss your international tax concerns, then please contact  me, Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT at [email protected]

Fundamentals of International Tax for the Small Business Owner and Investor

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International Tax Planning for the Entrepreneur is easy to read and understand.

The fundamentals of international tax for the small business owner or the foreign investor seems impossible to understand.

And this is why:  What you read on the web has too much jargon.  Words like PFIC, Subpart F, effectively connected income are explained with more jargon and reference to tax code sections or IRS regulations.   

I wish I could explain the fundamentals in one page blog.   However, this is too many concepts and loopholes to fit into a blog. 

A few years ago, I decided to invest time and money (I hired an editor) to write my book, International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur.    After many rewrites and giving the book to my business clients to read and criticize, I created an easier to read book.

I know your time is precious.  So, my goal was to write a foreign tax book that you can read in two hours. Learn the Fundamentals of International Tax Law with the audiobook

I hired Amazon Createspace to produce the book.   You can buy the Kindle version is only $9.50.   

Here is a link to the first 23 pages.  Once you buy the book, just send me your email ([email protected])  and I will send you a free PDF version of the 2018 book early next year.

What is great about Amazon is they will give you a complete refund of the Kindle version if you do not like the book.  The Kindle cost $9.50 (here is the link).

I understand that you may be skeptical that an international tax  CPA can write an easy to read offshore tax book.  To be honest, it many years and I did need  professional help.  Explaining foreign taxes and offshore taxes with little jargon is an art form.  My book is the best international tax book for the small business owner and international investor.

Now, if you want to learn more about the book or just have an international tax question, please contact me, Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT at [email protected]

Meanwhile here is a short video, created by Amazon, about the book.

Here is a blog post that provides insights on the Fundamental international tax small business.

Best International Tax Planning Book on the Planet, By Far

Here are the first few chapter of my easy to read book International Tax Planning in America for the Entrepreneur.   The book is a quick two-hour read with little tax jargon.  You will quickly learn the fundamentals of international taxation planning.  My international tax planning book explains the unique tax savings for the small business,  web based business, tax planning for importers and exporters and the best tax structure for the foreign business coming to the U.S. 

You can get the book on Amazon on this link.  The Kindle is only $9.50  (get the Kindle App for the PC on this link).  The book is also available in paper and audiobook. 

International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur is the fastest tax answering publication in America. Both the  Kindle and PDF edition have our exclusive quick search function. Just type your topic and find the answer to any international tax planning question.  The audiobook is perfect for those on the road and traveling. 

International Tax Planning Book for the Cross Border Family

Cross Border families have special needs because America’s laws differ from every other country. The multi-national family risks paying taxes in more than one country.  Choosing the correct tax structure before arriving in the U.S. is required. 

A cross-border business has a similar problem.  Multi-national businesses often experience double taxation on one item.  American tax laws are different from the rest of the World.    Thus, you need the best international tax planning book on the Planet.  

Using  “plain English” my book provides solutions to issues regarding cross border taxation.  The examples are easy to understand.  

 For those looking for advance tax planning, the hundreds of footnotes and hyperlinks to court cases and tax planning articles are just a mouse click away.

My international tax planning book is available in audio, Kindle and hard copy.  Need more information.  Then please check out this blog post in offshore e-Commerce international tax planning. 

Learn How to Pay Less Tax with Tax Talk on Blog Tax Radio

Listen to provocative and innovative tax planning on my radio show, Tax Talk. We support a subscription-free internet content supported by advertising.  

Each episode as a 60-second commercial by the company hosting our radio show.

The first episode is the new IRS designer trust… designed by the IRS to screw your state out of state income taxes.  California tax planners and New York tax planners can use this new Nevada self-directed trust to save state income taxes.

Next, Protecting yourself from the IRS’s Big Brother Supercomputer exposes the IRS “financial DNA” of each of us stored in its new Big Data computer.

Find Additional Business Podcasts with Provocative Tax Planning on BlogTalkRadio.

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Amazon International Tax Planning Book by Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT

Our most popular and best value book is International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur.  This is the best International Tax Planning Book for small business. 

An easy two hour read that will teach you tried and true tax saving plans. You can buy it now for $9.50 at Amazon on this link (return it in seven days if you do not like the book).

Each of our International Tax Planning Books include links to hundreds of additional offshore tax planning strategies.  You will learn how small business are saving taxes with properly planning their international businesses. 

International Tax Planning Book for the attorney and CPA

For the CPA and attorney, the book on this link provides an indepth explanation of international income tax and international estate and gift taxes.  It includes a free PDF version that is used for tax research.  The Adobe Reader find function quickly locates the most complex tax issue.

If you would like to explore your international tax questions, then please contact me,  Brian Dooley CPA, at [email protected]