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E-commerce and Mobile Commerce International Tax Planning for the Small Business

E-commerce and Mobile Commerce International Tax Planning  exists because our international tax laws were written by a man born in the 1860’s.  This is not a typo.  He grew up in the world of Pony Express and steamship commerce.

In the 1930’s he became the Chairman of the Congressional Tax Committee.  His view of commerce was the late 1800’s.  Congress has never changed our international tax laws.

These tax laws work just fine in the industrial age but  now these ancients laws create legitimate loopholes for e-commerce and cloud based businesses.

E-commerce and Mobile Commerce International Tax Planning for the Internet of Things.

We are in the age of “internet of things,” 

The  industrial age tax laws provide many unique tax savings for the e-commerce business, the contract manufacturing business, and the internet marketing business.

My easy to read book, International Taxation in America for the Entrepreneur, provides the tried and true blueprint for saving taxes for today’s E-commerce businesses.  I have the first three  chapters on this link.

The first three chapters are easy to read but are hard to believe.  I mean, is it really possible that Congress has done nothing about international tax laws since the Great Depression in the 1930s?

And there is more unbelievable events.  The designer of the tax law was born just after the Civil War.  His father served in the Confederate Army.   His parents named him after Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

And there is more.   The writer of our international tax law had only a high school education.  To him, text messaging was the telegraph.

So, get the first 25 pages, for free, of my popular book on international tax planning with an emphasis on e-commerce and cloud based products on this link.

Or buy the book at Amazon for $9.50, on this link.   By the way, Amazon has a seven day return policy.  So, if you don’t like the book, just send it back (which is easy to do as a Kindle book0

Now, if you want to take your international tax planning to the next lever, then contact me, Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT  at [email protected]

This link has another blog in saving taxes in the e-Commerce and virtual computer world.


E-commerce Internet Cloud Business Tax Planning and Strategy

Using last Century's infrastructure is fatal to you business. Using last Century's tax strategy is also fatal to your business.

Using last Century’s infrastructure is fatal to you business. Using last Century’s tax strategy is also fatal to your business.

Last Century’s tax concepts are not a viable  E-commerce Internet Cloud Business Tax Planning and Strategy.

I was traveling last summer and British Air demonstrates announced that its worldwide computers are down, again.

My question to you is: “Is your e-commerce and internet business tax planning like BA’s  XP style computer?”

Here is the problem with small business tax planning.  Your CPA is using the same tax plan as when your computer used Window’s XP.  You have updated your infrastructure for your business but not your tax plan.  Business in 2016 is nothing like in 1998.

Congress reported that U.S. business that legitimately plan their taxes have a 14% tax rate.  And there is more.  Half of those business paid legally paid no tax.
My question to you: “Are you paying more than your fair share in taxes?”

Here are four indicators that your CPA is stuck in the 1900’s XP tax planning:

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Tax & Business Planning for an Offshore International E-commerce Computer Server During a Natural Disaster

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Internet tax planning for the international business is just a click away from big tax savings.

Seems like unexpected natural disasters are occurring more often. The international ecommerce tax planning wants a tax haven.  Yet, the loss of an e-commerce website for a few weeks is like a store being flooded.

Yet, you do have an inexpensive solution.  Cloud computers can provide a redundant system and save you taxes. 

For example, privately owned e-commerce businesses are saving taxes by hosting their store on a foreign computer server.    These businesses sell an internet product such as an e-book, video, database, entertainment and other personal services.

For example, an e-commerce site that booked travel arrangements is much like last century’s travel agent.   With proper planning and corporate formation, this type of an e-commerce business earns foreign source personal service income (that of a travel agent).  If your tax team has properly planned this, the income can be earned tax-free by a foreign corporation.

We have read about firms that are like Google, Apple, and General Electric legally avoiding taxes; but what happens when there is a natural disaster?

I was at the Apple Store yesterday in Newport Beach, California.  I wanted to get Applecare for my iPhone.    The Apple Store is located in a large outdoor mall.  As I approached the store I saw the Apple employees hanging around the front door and the Apple store was empty.  A fire nearby had caused a loss of electricity for the mall (of about 100 stores).

The young millennial Apple employees were lost or as one said, he was a fish out of water.  I told them what I needed and they debated among themselves what I should do.  None of them knew until 40-year-old supervisor spoke up… use paper!!!

The staff was amazed at such out of the box thinking but still looking scared.   We walked inside and the supervisor handed a millennial a credit card slip and the mechanical machine to process the charge.    To no avail, it was out of their capacity.. which brings me to your tax and business planning.

To make wealth with an offshore ECommerce business you need redundancy.  You need a second system that can take over.  For example, the Bahamas is now the go to place for an offshore e-commerce business.  Hurricanes and storms are common. Canada allows computer hosting without the creation of a tax situs.

You may want to consider to have your  Bahama corporation own the computer server in the Bahamas and with a backup cloud server in Canada.   If you need help establishing your e-commerce business, then contact me, Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT at [email protected]  

Internet Tax Planning – Saving Taxes with the Cloud

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Saving taxes with the cloud-based business requires innovative tax planning,

Internet tax planning provides fantastic tax savings. 

The Internet-based business decides which country or state has the best tax advantage.  Saving taxes is easier than ever.  You will learn how to save taxes on this blog.

International e-commerce tax planning starts with placing your computer server in a low tax or no tax jurisdiction.  Web-based business tax planning provides big state and federal tax savings. 

To learn how big international companies are using the internet to legitimately avoid taxes, please view the California Society of CPAs 40 minutes seminar on this link or listen below on my blog Tax Talk radio show.  You can also download the show as a podcast from iTunes.    

Don’t miss out on our new e-commerce tax planning book.  Learn more on this link.
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Ancient IRS Regulation Creates New International Tax Savings for the Cloud Computer and the Internet business

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E-commerce businesses are saving taxes with cloud computer tax planning.

Thousands of small business are legally avoiding taxes by following an ancient IRS regulations.   If you sell a PDF file, an MP3 or a video that is downloaded, creating foreign income is easy because of this tax law the IRS wrote in the 1990s.  

Under this old law, when your website downloads the file, you are treated like an exported of property.  If title to the property taxes places outside of the United States, the income is foreign income.  Yep, it is just that simple.  Below is the technical stuff for your CPA.

Here is what’s happen: The 21st Century has a new paradigm in business.  We all use and love it. E-commerce, cloud computer, internet business or “i” business, we all enjoy streaming music, Netflix, shopping online, and Kindle book (by the way, please check out mine).
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