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IRS Explains How to Not e-File your return and Avoid Identity Theft

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The IRS super robot is fast and smart. It can read every e-filed tax return in less than one day.

Yikes. Another break-in at the IRS!  

Seems that the IRS is an easy mark for street gangs having “laptop parties.”  Good news… buying illegal drugs is harder because the gangs have social gatherings, called laptop parties,  where they steal your tax return.

Every year, the IRS has lost $5 billion dollars in e-files tax refunds from Identity Theft.   Trying to get your money back requires the help of your Congressman.

Solution:  Stop your e-filing and file paper income tax return.

But there is one more big reason.  Your chances of avoiding an  IRS audit are increased.  As my radio show explained, the IRS is relying on its supercomputer and its robot auditor (robot-audits).   The flaw is the robot auditor cannot read a paper return.

If you missed the 30-minute radio show on the IRS super computer and their robo-audits, then here is a link to  Blog Tax Talk radio shows.

The IRS website provides the following information.

16. Can my clients choose not to e-file?

“Yes. Even if you are a specified tax return preparer, your clients may independently choose to file on paper. Preparers should document each client’s choice to file in paper format and keep a signed copy of the statement on file. See FAQ 17 below for the statement. Do not send the statement to the IRS or attach it to the client’s tax return. Instead, specified tax return preparers should attach Form 8948,”

“Preparer Explanation for Not Filing Electronically, to your client’s paper return and check box 1. Include your PTIN on each tax return where requested. If your clients are filing a joint return, only one spouse’s signature is necessary on the choice statement.”