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Ancient American Tax Laws Create New Tax Planning for Ecommerce


E-commerce’s innovation has left gaps in U.S. tax laws.  The tax savings for electronic commerce are enormous.  Congress’s ineptness in using ancient tax laws for today’s virtual world and E-commerce creates an environment where the tax laws do not fit.

Look at this change.  In 1910, electricity was not in the White House.  Cars were laughed at, with jokes like, “Get a horse!”    Phones were rare, and there was no air travel.    It is these concepts of the World that exist in the American international tax law.

Our ancient tax laws have created new tax planning for E-commerce cloud base businesses and artificial intelligent (AI) software.  And get ready for the tax haven boon with 3D printing software.

Saving taxes has never been easier for the E-commerce business.  By mere locating a cloud computer in a tax low tax or no tax country, an E-commerce business can save taxes.  Learn how cloud computer tax planning is using innovation to avoid taxes.

Below you can watch the CPAs International Tax Conference on E-Commerce and learn why these ancient tax laws are allowing significant tax savings for small businesses with their foreign corporations.

Don’t have time to watch and listen on the web (the play time is about 40 minutes)?  Then visit our iTunes page on the link.  
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