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International Tax Law for the Virtual computer and Robot

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international tax planning for eCommerce.

The U.K. Financial Times reports that in the UK, alone, robots will be replacing 15 million British workers.  In the U.S., we estimate 100 million workers.  The International tax law for the virtual computer and robot is new. 

The Newspaper’s article points out that lower paid workers are most at risks.  Well, we have seen this a the supermarket where the computer checkout is more attractive than the human ones.   

The virtual robot is the newest tool for business.  The other day, may cable company used a virtual robot to talk to me, diagnose the problem and fix by DVR.  Imagine the tax savings if that virtual robot was in a computer in the Bahamas. 

The international tax law for the virtual computer and robot require you to think outside of the brick and mortar world.

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