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Protecting yourself from the New IRS’s Big Brother Supercomputer

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IRS is using “Big Data” with its Big Brother super computer.

Yes, Big Brother is at the IRS.   In this blog, you will learn what the IRS is doing.  You will also learn how to protect yourself.

The IRS is using a power big data software program. It includes facial recognition.  The software records your internet searches.

 The big data is watching your email patterns.  It knows your contact lists.  Get this; they track your car’s license plate.  Most public parking lots (for a shopping center, etc.) video feed is sent to the U.S. Government.  The IRS gets this information and feeds it to their supercomputer. 

The IRS is bragging that their supercomputer is creating a DNA blueprint of your behavior.  Saving taxes and reducing your audit risk is now easier than ever.  

The IRS has a new robot that decides on who is audited.  This is known as Robo-audit.  There are ways to make your tax return invisible to the robot and to mislead the robot. 

The IRS Robot is farming eBay, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Yelp, and all social media. It saves your Internet searches.  In some cases, the robot collects your emails.  

 It has access to every social media posting going back to 2008.  Deleting your posts does not make them go away.  The IRS has bragged that their computer can make DNA blueprint of each of our behavior.

Amazingly, their supercomputer can read all 200 million e-Filed returns in just ten hours.  

The  IRS Robot finds it victim.   Then it sends the victim’s return to the audit manager.  The power and capacity of this supercomputer bring Big Brother to all of us.   It has more than 6 billion pages of personal data on of us.  This is an average of 3,000 pages per tax return.

 In this episode of my radio show, you will learn how to become stealth from the IRS big data robot audit computer.  You will learn how to improve your IRS profile by gaming the robot.  
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