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Protecting yourself from the IRS’s Big Brother Supercomputer and Protect Yourself from Identity Theft.

Yes, Big Brother is at the IRS.   Yet, saving taxes and reducing your audit risk is now easier than ever by gaming the IRS Super Robot.   Learn how in this episode of Tax Talk.   There are ways to make your tax return invisible to the new IRS supercomputer and the IRS Robot- auditor.

The IRS Robot is farming E-Bay, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Yelp and all social media, your internet searches and in some cases your emails.  It has access to every social media posting going back to 2008.  Deleting your posts does not make them go away.

This supercomputer can read all 200 million e-Filed returns in just ten hours.   The IRS has bragged that their computer can make DNA blueprint of each of our behavior.  In this episode you will learn how and what to do and not to do.


“Want to Save Taxes?  Okay then.  Print your Private Money.

Recent IRS rules provide a long term ( a very long term) tax deferral on Private Money Profits.   Related party Private Money is used by the Wealthy to save U.S. taxes and avoid state taxes.  With these two episodes of Tax Talk, you will gain immediate knowledge of sophisticated tax planning.

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Saving Taxes by being your Own Tax Lobbyist. 

Our Congress does nothing, and it does nothing very well.  When it comes to tax law, Congress gives the IRS an outline and orders them to write a few hundred pages of regulations for each law.

These regulations become the real law. Often tax loopholes are put into the regulations by people like me. This episode of Tax Talk will tell you how to be your tax lobbyist.

In the early 1980′s, I attended my first IRS hearing. They did exactly what I asked. Ten hearings later, and they continue to grant my every wish. And they will do the same for you.

The magic is the boss of the IRS, the Department of Treasury. The boss knows that small business creates 70% of all jobs. Thus, the IRS has been told to help small business owners and their advisers.

Would you like to have the IRS write the tax laws that you want? Of course, you do and you can, and you can do it for free.

Great Tax Savings with a Related Corporation

Great Tax Savings are not about deduction.   The Wealthy know how to manipulate the tax law in ways that the Congressional never envisioned

And why not.  The one million pages of tax laws have created thousands of innovative tax plans.  Each tax reform just creates more opportunity to create wealth via the tax laws.

In this episode,  Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT provides a few of the tried and true trade secrets that have been used for more than half a century.

For example,  when a taxpayer wants to sell his or her principal residence, and that taxpayer is also the sole owner of a C or S corporation, selling the residence to the corporation offer three benefits.  

    (1) Cash may be taken out of the corporation tax-free instead of as  – dividends. This is because the gain on the sale of a principal residence is excluded from income in an amount not to exceed    $250,000 and $500,000 for a joint return.

     (2) Assuming the corporation turns around and rents the residence,   the corporation has a “cost basis” equal to the appreciated value of the house and, thus, larger depreciation expense than the taxpayer would have had if he or she held on to the house and rented it.

     If the corporation is an S corporation, larger depreciation expenses are deducted by the shareholder allowing them to shelter rental income.      

And there is more… listen to learn  The shows last about 18 minutes.  

Treasury Department Leads the Way in Protecting Assets with a Foreign Trust.

Once only for the Wealthy.  Now, with new Treasury Department rules,  foreign trusts not only save taxes; they also protect assets.

At the end of last century, the Department of the Treasury led the way in making foreign trust popular.  This may seem ironic given the Swiss bank account investigations.   But, now, the Treasury Department allows the foreign trust tax status for domestic trusts.

For example, a trust in Nevada is a domestic trust for family law and can be a  foreign trust for income taxes purposes.    Simply inserting a “flee clause” and make any trust a foreign trust .

The Best International Tax Planning using Tax Treaties for Citizens Citizens of Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, the European Community

Citizens of these countries have a unique tax advantage while living in the U.S.

This video is an audio clip from my tax radio show, Tax Talk. You will learn why resident aliens are paying more in taxes than they should and how to save taxes.