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International Tax Planning for the Entrepreneur is easy to read and understand.

You are in good company reading this blog with 50,000 other smart viewers  (from more than fifty countries).

Making you wealthy with innovative tax planning is the mission of this blog. Wealth is not created by your tax deductions. Spending a dollar to save forty cents in taxes will not make you wealthy. Wealth is created by good business including innovative and, in some cases, provocative tax plans.

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Tax planning and saving taxes does not work when you IRS deposits are stolen. Use the “Safe Lock” to protect yourself.

Protect your tax refund from ID thieves with the free “Safe Lockon this link.  Until the Obama’s Attorney General Holder was robbed twice, the Administration did little.  Then they got Michelle’s Obama’s social security number.

Local drug gangs have turned into tax refunds thieves.   60 Minutes reported that they have “laptop parties” where they get together and chit chat as they steel your money.   Often they have a friend or a mole working at a doctors office. The mole gets your information.

If you are a victim and the IRS has frozen your refund,  call your Congressman.   He or she has a dedicated staff that works with the IRS.


American firms are finding England a great low tax haven.  Pfizer Pharmaceutical move to London, has let the “cat out of the bag.” Here is how it is done if you are a small business.  If you are going to invert your headquarters outside the U.S., do it quickly.  Congress is panic and plans to have an “exit tax” (just like the Soviets back in the hey days of the USSR).

Best Country for Tax Inversion and Starting an Offshore Business? I looked at tax rates,  the type of commercial laws and supply of English speaking well educated work force.  Here is where save taxes and enjoy life.

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i Saving taxes with an IRS approved tax plan is called a private letter ruling.

New IRS internal legal memo gives tax breaks to the “check the box” foreign company incurring losses.  Here are the tax saving IRS rules.

  • Avoiding state income taxes this new IRS  designer  Nevada trust.  IRS tells how to use your Nevada corporation as your trustee to legally stop paying state taxes on your investment income. Here’s what’s happeningon this link.

IRS blazes provocative tax savings for the foreign investor in U.S. real estate, on this link.

New 2014 IRS discloses the best business structure for the entrepreneur.  Designed to allow you to pay less taxes now and to get the best refund during the next recession.  Here is what is happening.

Tax planning,  with the Supreme Court common tax laws

Tax planning with Supreme Court common tax laws

18th Century Supreme Court case destroys IRS tax penalty law. Using this case, the Tax Court gave the IRS a big defeat.  Here is what happen.   The Supreme Court is the “law of the Land”.  It rules over the IRS and Congress.   

It works both ways.  The blog on this link explains the most missed Supreme Court Doctrine in this offshore plan blown away by the IRS.

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International tax planning and international tax savings with this Treasury Department report.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury (a branch of the White House) issued an report on tax savings international tax plans that the IRS cannot stop.   They reported the successful foreign tax plans of international businesses. We have obtain a copy.  It is on this link.  

If you have a business in a foreign country, this report will save your taxes.  The international income tax planning strategies in this Government report are the trade secrets of offshore tax planners.   

offshore trust, foreign trust, nevada trust, estate planning trust, esbt, Since the Middle Ages, the wealthy have capitalized on trusts to avoid paying taxes.

Trust are the most effective tax tool. International tax planning should start with a Nevada trust to own the foreign company.

This easy to read blog post has the blueprint for successful trust tax planning. International Tax Planning should start with a trust to own the foreign companies. Besides avoiding state income taxes, the trust can move onshore or offshore at any time.   Surprisingly, an internal IRS memo disclosures how to protect assets and save taxes with an offshore trust.  In this blog post, I discuss offshore tax planning and provide the IRS memo. 

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Saving taxes with the cloud based

Learn how businesses are using the cloud to save taxes on this link.  E-commerce businesses are avoiding state income taxes and in some cases deferring U.S. taxes.

Be an IRS tax wizard with our new custom Google search, below .  I personally programmed this custom Google app to read 500,000 pages deep inside the IRS’s web site and the tax court’s web site. 


Tax Court Smashes IRS & Allows Abusive Captive Insurance Company Tax Savings

Securitas Holdings, Inc.  in addition, Subsidiaries, Petitioner V. Commissioner of Internal Revenue  is the ultimate humiliation for the IRS.   It is not just a taxpayer victory.  It is the blue print for the tried and true method of “saving for a rainy day” and saving taxes.

Successful small businesses can form their own private insurance company.  The tax law exempts the “small captive” from taxation.  The business deducts the insurance premiums and the small captive does not pay tax on the income.  A “small captive” is any captive insurance company with insurance premiums less than $1.2 million.

Never heard of this law?  Well,  it has been around since 1986.  Last century, most small captives were offshore.  Now, states such as Utah, Hawaii, Montana and Arizona are the most popular locations.  Offshore, my favorite location is the British Virgin Islands.

The small captive either insures the risks itself or re-insures (which means it paying wholesale prices for the insurance).  This small business tax plan allows you to control which insurance claims are settled and which ones are fought.   Like an insurance company, your small captive will make money…. lots of money.

A few years ago, I hosted a California Society of CPA  continuing education seminar on this topic with the insurance law expert, attorney Jeff Moffat.  Below is a portion of the seminar.  If you want to brainstorm a captive for your business, then call me, Brian Dooley, CPA, MBT,  for a complimentary consultation at 94-939-3414.